Our Brand


Hello and welcome to our page. We are the Evans Family and owners of an amazing skincare company called Sophia's Naturals. Our company is located in downtown South Atlanta, (Jonesboro), GA. We offer natural vegan handcrafted soaps, lotions, body butters, body scrubs and more. Often, we are asked what ignited our passion and love of natural skincare products. The answer is simply Sophia and Noah who are our children and namesakes of the brand. Our children planted the seed but our customers have helped us to grow. 


The goal of our company is simple. "To make you and your skin happy" - Sophia Evans (daughter and boss in training).


Every skincare product sold by our brand is created from scratch and formulated by us. We use raw, fresh and exotic ingredients to make recipes that are unique, practical and sustainable. After combining ingredients, we cure our products and package them for shipping to you.