3 Reasons To Choose Handmade Soap Over Store Brought Soap

3 Reasons To Choose Handmade Soap Over Store Brought Soap

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I am writing this post as a way to explain why you should choose handmade soap over commercial store brought soap. This post is in no way intended to bash another company or brand as that is not what we are about. I will not be posting links to other companies or providing pics of their ingredient list. You must do your own research and take a closer look at your product labels to see what you are putting on your skin.

Reason One: The Good Ole Days!

Remember bath time as a kid? You had your go to favorite products like your bubble bath and soap. Remember the soap you used back then actually had tons of bubbles? or When you got washed you actually saw scuz bubbles in the sink, shower or tub? Yes? Me Too!! However today there are soaps that are on the market which do not offer that same qualities from back then. This is due to most of the ingredients that are used to make the soaps. Even some soaps that are on the market are not even technically (by chemical make up) considered to be soap. They are detergents that are made from man (made from synthetic ingredients). The one thing that our customers have said repeatedly about our handmade soaps is that they get you clean. This is no lie. I have heard customers say wow I really thought I was clean everyday using my other soap but I can see now (physically from the scuz bubs in the sink) that I was not.

Reason Two: Irritants

These detergents that are called things other than soap strip your skin. Have you ever washed with a soap and it has felt like a creature has slid into the shower or bath with you an sucked all of the goodness out of your skin? Yup that is your soap that you are using. Your skin should be soft and not stripped post usage. Handmade soaps (if formulated properly by professionals) can provide make the skin feel wonderful while maintaining a steady bubbly lather. I say if formulated properly because all handmade soaps are not created equally. There are some handmade soaps that will do the same thing as commercial soaps and this is because the maker was not well versed in the properties of various butters and oils. This is also the reason why some people are anti-handmade soap and will only buy store brought soap. Before buying any handmade soap you should always ask the company questions on how they make their soaps and what they use. Research before you buy with what they tell you. This way you are not ending up wasting your money or time. You can also ask the company for samples to see if it works for you before you fully commit.

Reason Three: Your Body Is Important

Your skin is the first thing that the world sees and what it comes into contact with so make it beautiful! Our appearance is important to us. Many of us exercise and eat healthy. Why not want the same thing for your skin? Many store soaps are made with the man made materials as stated earlier. Handmade soaps use fresh butters and oils with water and lye to make soap. You can pronounce the ingredients and you know what you are putting on your skin. If it is not from the earth it should not be on your skin!There is a big difference with handmade soap and many consumers just like you have taken notice too. This is part of the reason why many senators are working to regulate the handmade soap industry. They can see that consumers are switching from commercial brands and they are seeking to regulate the industry to profit from smaller businesses such as ours. Even states like Iowa are even approving bills to ban the selling of soaps with certain chemical ingredients like triclosan. If you are on the fence about trying handmade soap or are new to the natural soap and skincare movement I urge you to give us a try!