Different Types of Natural Body Scrubs

Different Types of Natural Body Scrubs

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Natural body scrubs should be an investment in your skin care regimen. Over time skin can have a buildup of dead cells that do not remove easily with soap and water. A natural scrub uses a mild exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin and polish it leaving it glowing a smooth. When you use a natural scrub, your skin has the ability to absorb oils and moisturizers better as well.

Types of Scrubs: There are a few different types of body scrubs on the market.

The Traditional Scrub – is a mixture of various oils and exfoliants (such as sugar). It is a DIY scrub that is easy to make however it can be a nightmare using in the shower or tub. Since there is nothing to breakdown the oil it becomes very messy in the shower. Often users complain that it leaves their surface greasy and clogs their plumbing. Preservatives are typically not used in these scrubs which make it a breeding ground for bacteria. Wet hands in scrubs that do not contain preservatives will grow mold and bacteria over a period of time. Many do not know this and will continue to use the product over their body rubbing it in. One word here... GROSS!

The Soap Scrub – is a mixture of a whipped or liquid soap and exfoliant. This scrub is popular but often does not give the same feel or benefit of using a traditional exfoliation soap bar. Many users have complained that the skin will feel clean but stripped. However, others swear by it. In our opinion you cannot use a soap scrub to cleanse the entire body so it is best to use a soap for daily cleansing and a separate scrub for exfoliation.

The Emulsified Scrub-  is a mixture of waxes, butters, oils, exfoliants and a preservative. This is the best type of scrub to use because it does not clog your plumbing, dry out your skin or make your shower surface greasy. It is portable, scoop able and extremely easy to use during your bathing routine. You take it in the shower, wet a portion in your hand and polish your skin. It goes onto the skin similar to a lotion and it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. The preservative is an added bonus to help keep bacteria and mold away.

Which Body Scrub Should I Use & How Often?

We recommend using any type of emulsified scrub with a paraben free preservative. Our body scrub is great to use on normal and oil skin around 3 to 4 times a week. If you have dry skin we recommend using our scrub 1 to 2 times a week.