My Facial Care Regimen

My Facial Care Regimen

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The weather this year has just been totally unforgiving. We are here in Georgia and between the rain, cold and the extremely hot days my skin has been taking a beating. Since I have noticed the skin changes I have been doing some things to correct it.

This is my current facial care regimen:

First I have been staying hydrated with plenty of water. Being in the sun doing the farmer's market or just being outside in this weather it is a must!

Next I have been taking in more fruits and vegetables. I have found that the older I get my body just craves certain things. I will be 34 this year and when my tummy says I want a yummy salad or smoothie for dinner or breakfast I listen!

I have been using our activated charcoal soap daily on my face. This bar has done wonders for my skin. Activated charcoal is a magnet for dirt and oil. When dirt and excess oils come in contact with the activated charcoal they stick to the carbon and are washed away after rinsing the face. While our regular soap is designed for the entire body the activated charcoal soap is formulated just for the face.

Next I follow up with one of our facial scrubs once a week to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. I love our facial scrubs because they are emulsified. You take a small amount in your hand and activate the scrub with water to make a paste. Apply it to the face, scrub and then rinse. My skin always feels soft and revitalized.

Lastly I use our facial mask once a week to draw out impurities and tighten/tone my skin. Our facial mask kit has awesome measuring spoons, mixing bowl, spatula and an application brush to make usage even easier. I love our facial masks because they are a powder form so it allows me to use whatever liquid I am in the mood for (such as almond milk, water, or any fresh fruit/vegetable juice). I take a bit and mix it with the powdered mask until I have a paste consistency, apply to my face, let it sit until dry and then rinse. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and smooth (as Sophia says). She has been my partner in having weekly manicure, pedicure and facials at home.