Welcome To Sophia's Naturals - Georgia Handmade Soap

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What is Sophia's Naturals? Sophia's Naturals is our family based company that provides Georgia Handmade Soaps, Bath and Body Products. The company is named after our children Sophia and Noah.We source sustainable raw ingredients to create eco-friendly products for our family and yours. To read more about our brand and goals please visit our about us page.

Natural Hair Care Routine

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This blog post is a guide explaining how to use our hair care products and our regimens. Originally when I started this company I wanted to focus on skincare and home good products. As my daughter began to grow extremely long, curly hair I knew that I needed to expand our product line. Every time we would do an event customers would always ask me what would I use on her hair.

3 Reasons To Choose Handmade Soap Over Store Brought Soap

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I am writing this post as a way to explain why you should choose handmade soap over commercial store brought soap. This post is in no way intended to bash another company or brand as that is not what we are about. I will not be posting links to other companies or providing pics of their ingredient list. You must do your own research and take a closer look at your product labels to see what you are putting on your skin.

My Facial Care Regimen

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The weather this year has just been totally unforgiving. We are here in Georgia and between the rain, cold and the extremely hot days my skin has been taking a beating. Since I have noticed the skin changes I have been doing some things to correct it.

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