DIY Cash Wrap - Checkout Counter

So every now and then I get the urge to do DIY a project in the shop or the home. This project was more a need than a want. There are many options on the market for cash wraps but they have two problems. One they are super expensive and two they do not have enough storage space. There are some custom options available that are hand crafted but even those are in the thousands.

This past month I was so close to purchasing a cash wrap option that I saw on a retail fixtures site. Even though the items were 50% off with shipping to my location it would have cost me $450. The quality of most of these cash wraps on the market is not ideal either. Most of them are just melamine laminate that will chip or break easily. I could not see myself spending that much for something that may not last a good year. This unit would have to be able to moved and would have to stand up to the Sophia and Noah test.

So I begin my research process and brain storming. What I had noticed is that most of the cash wraps to me looked like fancy home wood bars. They were around the same height and were built the same way. I then looked at wood work benches and noticed that the frame was pretty much the same but it was easier to build. I found a plan on here and altered it to fit my needs. My plan was to build a wood work bench with shelves and then use wood paneling to enclose the unit. Thank goodness for the staff at the local home depot who was awesome enough to cut our wood for us.

Building and staining our new cash wrap / checkout counter cost us under $200.00 and I love it. We needed to build two units to make it long enough (it is around 145 inches in width). The great thing about it is that it took us less than two days to get everything together. I now have storage space for packaging, shipping supplies, my point of sale equipment, printers and heavy duty scales. It truly felt like Christmas in July once this project was completed. Below are some pics of the the finished project less our fancy molding which will come at a later date. I also forgot to stain the entire left side of the counter because it was pushed up against the white wall. Don't worry though it has since been stained. It stuck out like a sore thumb and bothered me most of the night until I could stain it.

Check Out Counter

We also found a really cool black wood antique table for our front window from another local retail shop called Creatively Greek (That is now closed). They are in Atlanta and specialize in selling unique gifts for fraternity and sorority members. The shop is so cute and the owner Heather and staff is beyond sweet. We believe in recycling/ upcycling furniture as much as possible so when we were offered this opportunity to get this table we jumped on it. It is perfect! Below is a picture of our new to us table in our front window:
Soap Shop Window Display

I am currently on the hunt for new chairs for our sitting area and a few good shelves that will be used for soap art. I cannot wait to get those two projects started. I really would like to find a unique pattern for the chairs and cover them myself. I am putting these good vibes out into the universe so that I can find exactly what I am looking for!

DIY Your Hearts OUT!!!

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