Hitting The Thrift Lottery: Remixing Furniture Pieces For The Retail Shop

I do not know if it is just me but it seems like every 3 to 6 months I am looking to change or update our retail shop. It is like these bursts of creative energy just flow through my veins and I just have to let loose. Of course I have to keep it cost effective otherwise I would have a crystal chandelier and custom shelving.

The most recent changes I made were to the center display in my shop. Before there was a few display tables, a cart and bakers rack. I looked at it one day and just thought that it was too much in that space and it looked cluttered. Although my space is small I have a phobia of it looking like a potential junk shop (not that there is anything wrong with junk shops I just did not want that look). Every now and then I have to put myself in the consumer's shoes. I had a vision for a uniform space that would keep everything in one location.

I remember it was on a Monday when I figured out that wanted a black stained farm house table. However my pockets screamed and said no to the idea of spending $500 plus. I had also spoke to my mother over the phone who advised me "leave it like it is". My mom is old school and is a firm believer of if it is not broken do not fix it. Even though she told me not to follow through I still could not let the idea of it go. Then I just put it in the back of my mind and started focusing on other things.

Now this next part is super strange. On Wednesday I had picked my kids up from school and there was something that told me to go and check out the thrift shops. I did not go on that day but did decide to go Thursday after dropping the kids off at school. Side note if you are ever thrifting it is always best to go first thing in the morning. They have some of the best wares and in pretty good condition. I have to go early and wait for them to open because there is this little old man that comes to my local one and literally buys everything before you can even view and touch it good.

I walked into the store and there my table was. Of course she was not the color I wanted nor were the edges how I wanted them to be but she was the right height and price. I snatched the price tag off the table (before the little old man could get it) and took it to the cashier to pay. I then asked the gentlemen there to help me load it into my truck. Of course I did not think that the table was super heavy but I found out that it was when I tried to get it out of my truck. It was definitely was worth what I paid for it. After I got it set up I immediately began painting it in a beautiful glossy black. This table really just made my space pop. Pics of the before and after are below:

Display Table

I was happy for a minute until I begin thinking of more changes. The major change I would like to include is height. Right now everything is at eye level and it is sort of hard to see what we have going on at our new soap deli station. I have three more ideas that I would like to include to take this space to the next level.

After finding the table I was on a thrifting roll!! I went to a second thrift shop on that Thursday and I found something that had a mirror, was new in the box, and had something that looked like a boat steering wheel. I left it there and when I got home I had started looking for antique washing stands. It did not click for me until about 9pm that there was a great condition antique wash stand at my local thrift shop.

I could not sleep most of that night because I was so excited to find this little beauty. I was able to get there the next morning and purchase a beautiful replica antique wash stand for just $6.06. I immediately brought it to the shop and begin assembling it only to find out that one of the legs were missing. So I removed the legs and secured the base with bolts instead. It reduced the height of the wash stand but it ended up making the perfect window display. I was also able to find a huge bowl that could work for a wash bowl for just $3.93 too. With a little black and white gloss paint it made both of these pieces pop as seen in the pictures below:

Wash Stand

It seems that mothers are not always right because in one week I hit the thrift lottery and found exactly what I was looking for. Mom I still love you though just in case you are reading this.

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