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Hello Everyone,

This blog post is a formal introduction more into the background of me, how my journey into business business began and more about our new business related courses/classes that will be offered here at Sophia's Naturals. 

My name is Dr. Erin Evans, MBA and I am the owner of Sophia's Naturals. My journey into small business began when I was just fourteen years old. At that age I had the opportunity to experience a program through University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. During this program I studied business, accounting and marketing on a graduate level for two weeks. Our goal with this summer internship was to be able to create a sustainable business plan and business.

I remember finishing the course and submitting my business plan to receive my first stipend. Once we received our stipend we headed to New York City and began looking for items wholesale to sell retail. As a teen of course I picked something fashionable and chose sunglasses and scarves. I decided to make them into sets for our festival day. I remember putting my sets out for the world to see (the campus students at the University of Pennsylvania) and immediately within the first few hours I was almost sold out. It blew my mind that I was able to make a profit that quickly and that I had reached my target audience. After my final reports were submitted to the board, it was in that moment that I realized that I knew I was meant to be entrepreneur!

For me it was just the beginning. I worked for the federal government for almost close to a decade soaking up as much knowledge as I could in the areas of contracting, purchasing, administration and business. While there I was responsible for over 10 Fund Control Points (accounts) and maintained a yearly budget of 4M. This was done whilst I studied formally at Thomas Edison State University for my undergraduate degrees and later my graduate studies at Columbia Southern in Business Administration.

After starting my small business in 2009 and beginning to offer soap making courses, I saw that there was a need for other entrepreneurs who needed guidance with starting their small business brands. As one who has always given back to the community I felt that it was important to use my experience as a practitioner and educator to help others. I believe that in order to teach you must be a master in your field (s). I have achieved both in business and soap making. My company and brand have been featured in industry magazines such as WSP Handmade, chosen for Day Time Emmy Swag Bags, reviewed/mentioned by professional bloggers/vloggers,  and we are Professional Members of both the Soap Guild and the Alabama Soap & Candle Association. 

Why Choose Me?

My intensive courses are designed to assist you from concept to reality. I offer the aptitude of perseverance to this vocation. I have worked in the field of business for approximately over a decade. My work experience has covered the entire realm of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting and finance. This has permitted me to practice at the entrepreneurial level, and has served and improved my edification academically. I own a business dealing in manufacturing, processing, and distribution of retail products. Therefore, I understand the commitment and dedication needed to prosper in the field of entrepreneurship.

What I Expect From You?

As my mentee I ask that you come prepared not only to learn but willing to accept change. As small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes it is hard to listen to others especially when they are outsiders. Our companies/brands are like children to us and we are extremely protective. I understand this and can relate completely. You may feel at times that I am hard on you but know that it is being done because I want you succeed in your company.

If you are in the process of rebranding, starting a new business or company the journey should feel like a rebirth. Let me help you with your new journey. Sign Up For One Of Our South Atlanta Small Business Courses Today!

Course Dates Coming Soon!

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