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My Facial Care Regimen


The weather this year has just been totally unforgiving. We are here in Georgia and between the rain, cold and the extremely hot days my skin has been taking a beating. Since I have noticed the skin changes I have been doing some things to correct it.

This is my current facial care regimen:

  • First I have been staying hydrated with plenty of water. Being in the sun doing the farmer’s market or just being outside in this weather it is a must!
  • Next I have been taking in more fruits and vegetables. I have found that the older I get my body just craves certain things. I will be 34 this year and when my tummy says I want a yummy salad or smoothie for dinner or breakfast I listen!

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Different Types of Natural Body Scrubs


Natural body scrubs should be an investment in your skin care regimen. Over time skin can have a buildup of dead cells that do not remove easily with soap and water. A natural scrub uses a mild exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin and polish it leaving it glowing a smooth. When you
use a natural scrub, your skin has the ability to absorb oils and moisturizers better as well.

Types of Scrubs: There are a few different types of body scrubs on the

The Traditional Scrub
– is a mixture of various oils and exfoliants (such as sugar). It is a DIY scrub that is easy to make however it can be a nightmare using in the shower or
tub. Since there is nothing to breakdown the oil it becomes very messy in the shower. Often users complain that it leaves their surface greasy and clogs their plumbing. Preservatives are typically not used in these scrubs which make it a breeding ground for bacteria. Wet hands in scrubs that do not contain preservatives will grow mold and bacteria over a period of time. Many do not know this and will continue to use the product over their body rubbing it in. One word here… GROSS!

The Soap Scrub
is a mixture of a whipped or liquid soap and exfoliant. This scrub is popular but often does not give the same feel or benefit of using a traditional exfoliation soap bar. Many users have complained that the skin will feel clean but stripped. However, others swear by it. In our opinion you cannot use a soap scrub to cleanse the entire body so it is best to use a soap for daily cleansing and a separate scrub for exfoliation.

The Emulsified Scrub–  is a mixture of waxes, butters, oils, exfoliants and a preservative. This is the best type of scrub to use because it does not clog your plumbing, dry out your skin or make your shower surface greasy. It is portable, scoop able and extremely easy to use during your bathing routine. You take it in the shower, wet a portion in your hand and polish your skin. It goes onto the skin similar to a lotion and it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. The preservative is an added bonus to help keep bacteria and mold away.

Which Body Scrub Should I Use & How Often?

We recommend using any type of emulsified scrub with a paraben free preservative. Our body scrub is great to use on normal and oil skin around 3 to 4 times a week. If you have dry skin we recommend using our scrub 1 to 2 times a week.

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Top 3 Benefits of Natural Body Butters


Body butter is an excellent source of nutrients that hydrate and add moisture to the skin. It also helps in removing the dead cells of the skin so you can enjoy a great, healthy and naturally perfect skin that you always wanted to have. They are the absolute way to ensure that your skin is getting nourished from the daily dust and pollution that builds up on your skin. The butter is usually made from a wide variety of natural sources and consisting of fatty acids and other natural oils to provide the most natural texture that heals up your skin. So, here we have the top 3 benefits of using natural body butter that will make you amazed.

• Moisture:

Body butter additionally frames a defensive obstruction over the skin to secure dampness.

• Provide vitamins to the skin:

All body butter has essential omega three fats that advantage the body. Omega 3 fats are exceptionally saturating. Body butter also contains essential vitamins A, E, and F.

• Protection of the skin:

Body butters additionally frame a defensive hindrance over the skin to secure dampness. Our skin as of now has a natural obstruction to help shield us from the components, yet free radicals in the dry air, sweltering sun and cold winter climate would all be able to affect our skin. So, by using body butter one can remain safe from these kinds of problems.


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Welcome To Sophia’s Naturals – Georgia Handmade Soap


What is Sophia’s Naturals? Sophia’s Naturals is our family based company that provides Georgia Handmade Soaps, Bath and Body Products. The company is named after our children Sophia and Noah. We source sustainable raw ingredients to create eco-friendly products for our family and yours. To read more about our brand and goals please visit our about us page.

We started this blog as a way to incorporate our personal life and business and are hoping to establish a community that can relate to our ups, downs, and growing pains. We plan to provide original material for this blog on a constant basis so there will always be something new.

We ask for you to like, comment and share our posts. We encourage any and all feedback! Don’t Forget to sign up to our newsletter!.

Thank you and we look forward to interacting with you all.

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Natural Hair Care Routine


This blog post is a guide explaining how to use our hair care products and our regimens. Originally when I started this company I wanted to focus on skincare and home good products. As my daughter began to grow extremely long, curly hair I knew that I needed to expand our product line. Every time we would do an event customers would always ask me what would I use on her hair.

As the daughter of a licensed hair stylist (with over 30 plus years of experience), I knew the basics of how to maintain a healthy mane and how to make it grow. I wanted this to be reflected in our hair care products as well. I am a firm believer of the K.I.S. method (Keep It Simple) when it comes to hair care. You do not need fifteen different products for your hair no matter which style you decide to wear.

However what you put in your hair is only one part of the equation. There are three parts to having healthy hair and growth.

Part One: Your Diet

You are what you eat as the old saying goes. The more fruits and vegetables you eat the more stronger and healthier your hair will be. Fruits and veggies are loaded with skin and hair loving vitamins. So add a lovely green salad or smoothie to your next meal. You can also add in a hair, skin and nails vitamin that can help with any vitamin deficiencies you may have. If you have a medical conditions please consult with your medical provider before starting any new food plans.

Part Two: Water

Yes you have to drink your water. There is no way of getting around this part. You have to flush your body of toxins and replenish it. Think of your hair as a flower. If you do not water it enough it will decline and not grow. The same principle applies here. I personally notice that when I do not drink it like how I should my skin changes and so does my hair. If you are not a big fan of drinking water, I suggest adding fresh fruit to your water to change the taste. A few slices cucumber and fresh mint is one of my favorites. It is super easy to make and inexpensive. Another thing that I use is an app that is available through the apple store called “Plant Nanny”. It monitors your water intake by checking on you every four hours to make sure that you have had your water for the day.

Part Three: Hair Products

My grandmother used to say that a woman’s hair is their crown. I believe this is so true and applies to men too. That is why we all do our best to use what works best for our hair. I have been wearing my natural or chemical free since 2008 and love it. Since that time I have cut my hair numerous times but it has always grown back due our products that I use and my diet. Our hair care products are simple and are designed to assist with daily maintenance of curly and natural hair. All of our products are vegan, sulfate and paraben free. We use natural ingredients to formulate with such as Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Marshmallow Root, Orange Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil just to name a few. These ingredients have been specifically chosen to create basic hair loving regimens.

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3 Reasons To Choose Handmade Soap Over Store Brought Soap


I am writing this post as a way to explain why you should choose handmade soap over commercial store brought soap. This post is in no way intended to bash another company or brand as that is not what we are about. I will not be posting links to other companies or providing pics of their ingredient list. You must do your own research and take a closer look at your product labels to see what you are putting on your skin.

Reason One: The Good Ole Days!

Remember bath time as a kid? You had your go to favorite products like your bubble bath and soap. Remember the soap you used back then actually had tons of bubbles? or When you got washed you actually saw scuz bubbles in the sink, shower or tub? Yes? Me Too!! However today there are soaps that are on the market which do not offer that same qualities from back then. This is due to most of the ingredients that are used to make the soaps. Even some soaps that are on the market are not even technically (by chemical make up) considered to be soap. They are detergents that are made from man (made from synthetic ingredients). The one thing that our customers have said repeatedly about our handmade soaps is that they get you clean. This is no lie. I have heard customers say wow I really thought I was clean everyday using my other soap but I can see now (physically from the scuz bubs in the sink) that I was not.

Reason Two: Irritants

These detergents that are called things other than soap strip your skin. Have you ever washed with a soap and it has felt like a creature has slid into the shower or bath with you an sucked all of the goodness out of your skin? Yup that is your soap that you are using. Your skin should be soft and not stripped post usage. Handmade soaps (if formulated properly by professionals) can provide make the skin feel wonderful while maintaining a steady bubbly lather. I say if formulated properly because all handmade soaps are not created equally. There are some handmade soaps that will do the same thing as commercial soaps and this is because the maker was not well versed in the properties of various butters and oils. This is also the reason why some people are anti-handmade soap and will only buy store brought soap. Before buying any handmade soap you should always ask the company questions on how they make their soaps and what they use. Research before you buy with what they tell you. This way you are not ending up wasting your money or time. You can also ask the company for samples to see if it works for you before you fully commit.

Reason Three: Your Body Is Important

Your skin is the first thing that the world sees and what it comes into contact with so make it beautiful! Our appearance is important to us. Many of us exercise and eat healthy. Why not want the same thing for your skin? Many store soaps are made with the man made materials as stated earlier. Handmade soaps use fresh butters and oils with water and lye to make soap. You can pronounce the ingredients and you know what you are putting on your skin. If it is not from the earth it should not be on your skin!There is a big difference with handmade soap and many consumers just like you have taken notice too. This is part of the reason why many senators are working to regulate the handmade soap industry. They can see that consumers are switching from commercial brands and they are seeking to regulate the industry to profit from smaller businesses such as ours. Even states like Iowa are even approving bills to ban the selling of soaps with certain chemical ingredients like triclosan. If you are on the fence about trying handmade soap or are new to the natural soap and skincare movement I urge you to give us a try!

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Men’s Skincare Tips

beard-conditioner - mens-skincare

For decades, it was thought that skin care products were only for women. Many people had their unique regimen that included washing their faces with soap for the hands and covering the cuts when shaving with small bits of toilet paper. A healthy skin care regimen for men is as important as it is for women. But let’s face it, many men prefer a simple regimen for skin care that is easy to follow. So, divide this regimen into simple steps to help men achieve attractive skin.

The cleansing of the skin is the same as washing the face but said in a more elegant way. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells that are on the surface to expose new skin cells. Think of the exfoliation in the same way you would think of a fine sandpaper. Just pass the sandpaper a couple of times for a piece of wood and you end up with a soft surface that looks new, like a piece of new wood.

Our skin can be exfoliated naturally, but as we age, the exfoliation process begins to take more time and we need help. Moisturizers can make a big difference in the appearance of men’s skin. In fact, men usually use more moisturizing cream than women. This is because men have to shave their faces. Each time you shave the face, you are not only removing facial hair but also removing the necessary oils from the skin. So, what do you do after shaving? You probably use an after-shave lotion with alcohol, which will burn the skin and cause dehydration. So what can you do to fight this? Use a moisturizing lotion.

Male skin is substantially different from that of a woman. It is thicker and thicker, more resistant and tends to be oilier due to the hormonal load. These factors make daily care and habits different from women’s. Every day your skin gets dirty because of the aggression it suffers fatigue, stress, poor nutrition, pollution. To have a clean, hydrated and lackluster skin, bet on a daily cleaning ritual. Give it the importance it deserves. Men also need their minutes a day to take care of themselves. Each time they are more concerned about their physical appearance and for showing a radiant and imperfect skin. Back left the old beliefs that affirmed that only the women were the ones who managed and looked after their appearance.

Despite being stronger, men have traditionally avoided the use of cosmetic products and this makes the skin suffer much more. The effects of stress, tobacco, liquor, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, shaving, tiredness and climatic factors are deteriorating the skin and causing aging. Today, men can fight these ravages through novel lines and everyday practices that will help them to be better.

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The Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

beard-balm-beard-oil - BLOG

There are many queries that men make about whether to use oil or balm. Although many people confuse them and think they are the same, or services for the same, the truth is that it is not so. Beard balm is an ointment obtained after mixing, heating and cooling moisturizing ingredients, nutrients and sealants. Beard oil, on the other hand, is a moisturizing and nutritious blend composed of carrier and essential oils with different properties. In this post, we explain the differences between balm and beard oil.

The beard balm helps you to stylize and shape your beard while conditioning. A good balm for the beard should moisturize your facial hair, nourish the hair follicle and provide a certain fixation so that you can stylize it, and give a thick appearance to your beard.

Avoid using balms containing artificial sealants such as Vaseline or artificial silicones, as they can irritate your skin and damage facial hair. Natural sealants such as shea butter, cocoa butter and candelilla will take care of your beard and your skin to the fullest without irritating or damaging it. If your beard is thin or you have areas where it is not born with the same density, we recommend using balms with shea butter, as you will get your beard look thicker and thicker.

Beard oil is a moisturizing and nourishing blend that, if it is of good quality, will moisturize the skin under your beard, soften facial hair, reduce itching, and nourish hair follicles so your beard grows healthy. The best results are obtained when the oil is of natural origin, particularly when the formula contains as essential coconut and jojoba oils. In addition, these blends have long durability without the need for artificial preservatives.

By contrast, beard balm is a recommended product for both starter and slightly longer beards. Do you have a patchy beard, just starting your beard growth journey or is your beard three or more fingers long? If you want to give it shape, foster growth and the maximum amount of hydration possible during the day then beard balm is perfect for you. The beard balm will give you more control and longer hold on the style of your beard. In addition, natural sealants prepare your beard for contact with water. So make it your perfect ally for rainy days, for example, or practice water sports.

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How To Grow A Healthy Beard


For many men having a beard is a must. In recent years beards have become very popular however most men still do not know how to take care of their beards or how to make them grow healthy. Taking care of your beard is the most important step in obtaining a healthy beard. You have to keep it cleaned, conditioned and moisturized for optimal growth.

In the beginning many men start shaving their beards often in hopes it will help it to grow back faster, but the truth is that this does not happen. Let your beard grow out and as it grows train it with a good regimen. Once a good amount of the beard has grown out, it is possible to proceed to shaping into that the beard style you like. This process typically takes 4-5 months.

The process of growing out a beard can be long. All men are different and it is important to remember this. So, do not worry if your beard does not grow quickly. The first few weeks or months can be very tedious, because the beard does not grow all at once. One way to see progression with your beard is to take pics along the way. This will be helpful with shaping and trimming your beard as well.